Destiny 2 Remembers Achievements Through Accounts Rather Than Characters


Bungie is aware of the problem and tweeted: "We are aware of player reports regarding game crashes in Destiny 2 on PlayStation 4, and are investigating".

Sony has an exclusive marketing deal for Destiny with Bungie and Activision- and it seems to be a rather extensive deal, to the extent that the Xbox versions of the game can't even apparently be acknowledged in public. The PC version will release on October 24.

One of Destiny's biggest foibles was its abandonment of the PC crowd. It's available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Given how many people are trying to play Destiny 2 we're wishful that all of our fellow Guardians will be able to play Destiny 2 soon and fight for their Light. This shows the overwhelming response Destiny 2 has received, from the number of players logging in simultaneously. Naturally, it's also got fully adjustable graphics settings and full keyboard and mouse support to boot.

Destiny 2 launched today, and Microsoft wants you to know that you can get rewarded for buying the game from the Microsoft Store.

Last week, the first live action trailer for Destiny 2 came out and I didn't hate it, which surprised me because nearly all live action trailers for videogames are god very bad. In Destiny 2, every player creates their own character called a "Guardian", humanity's chosen protectors.

The first end-game 6-player raid is set to go live on September 13. Alongside the bonuses of the "Digital Deluxe" version, you'll also get a snazzy steelbook case and a "Cabal-themed Collector's box" with a booklet detailing "secrets into the Cabal Empire", a "Cabal Schematic", collectable postcards and "Cabal Military Pawns". You will join the game in the order in which you are connected.