Daesh Car Bomb Attacks in Iraq Leave 50 Dead and Scores Injured


The governor of Iraq's southern Thi Qar province says militants have attacked a checkpoint and two nearby restaurants, killing at least 60 people and wounding 83. ISIS claimed the twin attacks through its propaganda agency Amaq. Mostly shi'ite and concentrating major part of oil production of country, region is strictly surrounded by security forces.

"The toll has now reached 50 dead and 87 wounded", said Abdel Hussein al-Jabri, deputy health chief for the mainly Shia province of Dhiqar of which Nasiriyah is the capital.

In the first attack, a group of three or four gunmen entered a restaurant off the Dhi Qar highway and began shooting at random, hitting at least fifty people, including women and children, several media reported.

Jassim al-Khalidi, the head of Nassiriya's health directorate said that the city's hospital had received 50 bodies and the death toll could rise because some of the wounded were in critical condition.

The incident took place when Daesh terrorists fired randomly at a restaurant, located next to the global highway, in Thi Qar province, killing scores of civilians.

Al-Nassiri says the dead included Iranian pilgrims and a policeman.

Iraqi Interior Ministry Spokesman Saad Maan also said a vehicle bomb in the same area targeted a security checkpoint shortly afterwards.