Chrome wages war on autoplay videos


The v64 build of Chrome with the new policy will come to the beta channel in December and the stable channel in January of 2018.

Google has announced that its Web browser Chrome will soon be more strict with auto-playing videos on webpages, becoming the latest Silicon Valley giant to take a step against the increasingly annoying advertisement tactics employed by Web publishers and players in other industries. One such feature is autoplay videos - videos that play autonomously, sometimes with sound enabled, regardless of whether you interact with them or not. With the launch of that version of the Chrome browser, users will be able to completely disable audio for individual sites.

Once the site is muted, it will continue being so in the following browsing sessions too until the users want it otherwise.

The "site muting" option will persist between browsing sessions in order to allow users to have greater control over when and where audio will play, Google said. "These changes will also unify desktop and mobile web behavior, making web media development more predictable across platforms and browsers".

A sort of torture device (my skin crawls at the thought of those videos that chase you down the page as you scroll), autoplay should, according to Google, be used sparingly.

Unless there is a specific reason to do so, we recommend using the browser's native controls for video and audio playback.

Chrome 64, which is set to be released in January 2018, will only allow media to autoplay that doesn't play sound, or if the user has indicated they have an interest in that media. News sites and social networks particularly abuse of this attention-catching measure, but majority already implement their muting controls. Imagine trying to read a news article peacefully when all of a sudden audio starts playing in the background - irritating right? That includes ads that have pop-ups, auto-playing video, and "prestitial" count-down ads that delay content being displayed.

The latest version of the Google Chrome web browser now is Chrome 61. That component will pick the promotions to square in view of rules from the business gathering, Coalition for Better Ads.