Walmart partners with Google to offer voice-based shopping through Google Assistant


Voice-enabled speaker usage is forecast to grow almost 130 percent this year, according to consumer research provider eMarketer.

The retailer plans to expand voice-activated shopping across its 4,700 stores to "create customer experiences that don't now exist within voice shopping anywhere else".

Is Walmart Poised to Gain From the Latest Move? But it has faced increasingly stiff competition from Amazon, which is a big leader in e-commerce.

According to Google's blog, for all Google Express users, "We're offering free delivery on Google Express as long as your order is above each store's minimum".

Google Home users can simply use the wake words to ask Google Assistant to play from their favorite playlists, and the addition of SoundCloud and Deezer opens up the music streaming experience beyond Spotify and Google Play Music. This will be the largest number of items now offered by a retailer through the Google Express platform.

"Walmart and Google make for unusual bedfellows, but it actually makes a lot of sense", said Krista Garcia, an analyst for eMarketer, a market research firm in NY. It recently tied up with Uber to offer online grocery delivery in six states in the US. For instance, customers can create a list of items they often buy and quickly access that list when they order. And Amazon shoppers tend to spend more, too: An average of $157 each month, compared with $27 at Walmart, according to a 2016 survey.

Walmart one year from now will dispatch voice looking for new staple goods, which clients can get from any of its 4,700 stores over the US.

The Wall Street Journal writes: "A significant portion of online shopping is made up of consumers reordering the same staples". When clients interface their Express and Walmart accounts, Google Assistant will have the capacity to give similar service. Unlike Amazon Prime, you don't even need to pay a membership fee. Google and Walmart also plan to expand their partnership in 2018 to include the ability to order products for in-store pickups.

The service will be available to Wal-Mart customers from September and all they will need to do is to link their existing Wal-Mart accounts to Google Express to enjoy the new offering.

Wal-Mart is still primarily known as a brick and mortar business, but the company's e-commerce segment has been growing steadily after many years of fits and starts, with a 60 percent increase in net sales in its last quarter.

The main transaction in this sense, the group of Bentonville had disbursed $ 3 billion a year ago to buy the discounter, leading its largest acquisition since 2010.

Only in the US, Amazon has the bombastic share of the voice-controlled device industry.

Google has updated one of the biggest missing features for Google Home since its launch - audio streaming via Bluetooth.

As we can see, this Zacks Rank #3 (Hold) company is making huge investments in e-Commerce activities. The company undoubtedly made the shift to boost consumer adoption.