The Mooch is headed to late night


Again, if you want to see the Scaramucci interview with Colbert, it airs Monday, August 14, at 11:35 p.m. EST on CBS. Colbert doesn't seem like The Mooch's most sympathetic audience, but The Mooch also seems like he doesn't turn down a PR opportunity - for better or worse.

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci's 15 minutes of fame aren't up yet. "This is just a heads up for our censors to get ready!" host Stephen Colbert tweeted Wednesday. His firing came swift after an expletive-filled interview with the New Yorker in which he called then chief of staff Reince Priebus "a f-- paranoid schizophrenic" and accused chief strategist Steve Bannon of trying to commit a sex act on himself. The Mooch lasted as communications director for only 10 days. Suffice it to say, Colbert is pretty pumped about it.

Indeed, Colbert seemed to take great delight in Scaramucci's demise, even rewriting Queen's classic song Bohemian Rhapsody to celebrate the financier's misfortune.

Remember also that Colbert is one of President Trump's vicious critics on television.

The other guest on next Monday's "Late Show" is the actor Bob Odenkirk.