Teen opens emergency exit, jumps out of plane onto SFO tarmac


A teenager opened the emergency door of a jet that had just landed in San Francisco Tuesday, climbed out onto the wing and then jumped onto the tarmac in an exit that stunned passengers and landed him in custody.

In November 2016, a United Airlines flight from New Orleans, which just landed in Houston, Texas and was taxiing towards its gate at George Bush International Airport, a female passenger was said to have walked out of an emergency exit and jumped out of the aircraft.

The US citizen was traveling alone and appeared to be in emotional distress during the flight, airport spokesman Doug Yakel said. Police are questioning passengers who were onboard the flight.

"All the windows were closed, but then all of a sudden, someone said like, "Pop the windows open" and the emergency door was open".

"It was as if he was like flying out, like it was really fast", passenger Sophia Gibson of San Jose, California told broadcaster KNTV. According to witnesses, the young man quickly and suddenly popped open the emergency door, slid down the plane's wing and hit the ground and started running.

"People were yelling, 'Tell the flight attendants".

But passenger Isaac Rodrigues said there was no door to close and a flight attendant blocked the gap with her body and the plane then continued on to the gate. Relay the message back.

Video that CBS San Francisco obtained shows people out of their seats and gathered around the plane's opened door after the teen, who had been sitting in the exit row, had left. "It was pretty insane".

"We are cooperating fully with the relevant authorities to support the ongoing investigation", the airline said.