Separated shoulder forces Bayley out of WWE SummerSlam match vs. Alexa Bliss


The two winners from those matches will they face off in a singles match on August 13 to determine a new No. 1 contender for Bliss.

WWE has announced Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman in a Last Man Standing match for Monday's Raw. In fact, the official WWE RAW preview stated "it doesn't seem likely that The Huggable One will be getting back into the ring anytime soon".

She will miss the show, and it's described as a "separated shoulder". The severity of the injury was not immediately known, but right from the outset, both and independent reports warned that her Raw Women's Championship match at SummerSlam against champion Alexa Bliss might be in danger. To find Bliss' SummerSlam opponent, there will be not 1, but 2 triple threat matches tonight on RAW. That victor will get Bliss at SummerSlam.

Banks and Jax have, by far, received the most air time of these six women. But to be frank this is going to come down to Sasha Banks and Nia Jax.

Bayley's removal from the RAW Women's Championship match is a crushing blow to the former women's champion as she is featured on the SummerSlam promotional poster, which she tweeted on Sunday morning.