Patriots Confirm Team Owner Gave Donald Trump Super Bowl Ring


The New England Patriots visited the White House in April after winning the Super Bowl in February.

The Patriots told CSN New England the reason behind the ring presentation was because they were the first Super Bowl champions to visit the White House during the Trump presidency.

It is a tradition for a championship sports team to present the President of the United States with a ceremonial jersey and some other trinkets when visiting the White House.

Kraft and Trump have had a strong relationship for years, dating back to 2011, so it's not necessarily a surprise that the President was gifted a ring similar to the one Patriots players and staff received. "The inside of the ring includes, "We are all Patriots" and "greatest comeback ever", a nod to the 31 unanswered points scored against the Falcons in the most dramatic comeback win in Super Bowl history". The rings featured more than 280 diamonds and were crafted in 10-karat white gold. James said Kraft, who was one of at least seven National Football League team owners who gave $1m each to Trump's inaugural committee, said this one was the best of the five, with the most time spent with the president and the most expansive tour of the executive mansion.

Kraft was equally concilitory when he took the lecturn with Trump standing directly behind him.

Trump and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady also have a well-known friendship, which Brady described on WEEI's Kirk and Callahan show (h/t the Boston Globe and in January by saying they've known each other for 16 years and that Trump has always been a supporter of his.