NZ air force detachment on Guam, island targeted by North Korea


According to the KCNA report, the U.S. military flew two B-1B bombers, which are based on the U.S. Anderson Air Force Base in Guam, Tuesday over the Korean Peninsula.

"Aircrews, maintenance and support personnel, will continue generating B-1 bomber sorties to demonstrate the continuing USA commitment to stability and security in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, providing commanders with a strategic power projection platform and fulfilling the need for anytime mission-ready aircraft, an important part of national defense during a time of high regional tension", the statement continued.

North Korea's state-run media reported the country is "carefully examining" plans to attack the us territory of Guam on Wednesday.

This serves as the first mission for the crews and aircraft recently deployed from Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota, in support of U.S.

Guam's local population numbers 162,000 and its economy depends primarily on tourism and the United States military. Pyongyang raised the stakes just hours later, saying it was considering missile strikes near U.S. strategic military installations on Guam.

Calvo said there were "several levels of defense" strategically placed to protect Guam and he had been assured by the White House that a strike on the territory would be considered an attack on the United States. I also want to remind national media that Guam is American soil and we have 200,000 Americans in Guam and the Marianas. "We are not just a military installation".

"It's not like there's anything we can do, anyway. There's nowhere to run to", resident James Cruz said AFP. "I am monitoring the situation".

Two U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers and two Japanese F-2 fighter jets took part in the drills, which were held near Japan's southern Kyushu island, according to a news release from Japan's Air Self Defense Force (ASDF).

"The plan is to be soon reported to the Supreme Commander (Kim Jong Un) soon after going through full examination and completion and will be put into practice in a multi-concurrent and consecutive way any moment once Kim Jong Un, supreme commander of the nuclear force of the North Korea, makes a decision", said the spokesman. In 1950, the island became an unincorporated territory of the United States.