N.Korea Details Plans to Attack Guam


Guam residents should take cover from a North Korean missile attack quickly, in a concrete structure, preferably underground - and stay there until told otherwise, a survival guide advises.

She said residents would be immediately notified by the 15 All-Hazards Alert Warning System sirens, located in low-lying areas throughout the island.

North Korea on Thursday announced a detailed plan to launch a volley of ballistic missiles toward the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam, a major military hub and home to U.S. bombers.

"Our office will be notified from the military and will utilize all forms of mass communication to get the message out to the public".

"If you hear the sirens, tune into local media - radio, print, television - for further instructions", the spokeswoman added.

North Korea has conducted several tests of nuclear bombs, and recently tested an intercontinental missile believed to be capable of reaching Hawaii.

The latest war of words between Trump and the North - ruled by young leader Kim Jong-un - unnerved many in the South, even though it has become largely used to hostile rhetoric from its neighbour. "We're maintaining normal operations". USA officials said there was no major movement of US military assets to the region, nor were there signs Pyongyang was actively preparing for war. The Navy and Air Force fall under Joint Region Marianas command.

Andersen Air Force Base houses a Navy helicopter squadron and Air Force bombers that rotate to Guam from the US mainland, including the B-2 stealth bomber, B-1 and B-52.

Trump's bluster, however, stands in stark contrast to an ongoing back channel for negotiations between the United States and North Korea, which came to light Friday.

During the Vietnam War, the Air Force sent 155 B-52 bombers to Guam to hit targets in Southeast Asia.

In October 2006, an unofficial spokesman for North Korea in Japan told ABC Radio Australia that Guam, Japan and Hawaii were potential targets if the United Nations levied tougher sanctions against North Korea.

While there has been some resistance and displeasure from the people of Guam over the USA military's presence, it is also essential to the island's economy, second only to tourism in importance.

"I don't think there's anything to worry about". Japan's defense official said that Tokyo would invoke its right to collective self-defense if North Korean missiles are judged to be an existential threat to Japan.

Japan's ability to destroy North Korean missiles in its airspace as they are ascending has been called into question.

Instead he promised to respond to the next provocation from North Korea with what many assumed to mean nuclear force.

President Donald Trump on Friday again delivered a bold warning to North Korea, tweeting that the US military is "locked and loaded" if the isolated rogue nation acts "unwisely", escalating an exchange of threats between the nuclear-armed nations. The rotations also came as North Korea increasingly upped the ante in the standoff over its development of nuclear weapons.

"It's gotten progressively worse over the last 20 years", Peterson said.

This is the first time Park can recall North Korea publicly and explicitly threatening Guam.

Yesterday, President Trump followed by asking, "Was it too tough?" "The DPRK should cease any consideration of action that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people". Just forcing the U.S.to talk would in itself be a success for North Korea.