Mueller's Russian Federation investigation: What to know


Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury, and Jay Sekulow, who occupies the role of Trump's "TV lawyer", defending the president on news shows, has apparently tempered his rhetoric.

"Why are we engaging in hypotheticals?"

He then amended his statement and released a string of emails which revealed that Mr Trump Jr was meeting with Ms Veselnitskaya - at an event that included then campaign manager Paul Manafort and White House aide and Ivanka Trump's husband Jared Kushner - to possibly gain incriminating information on opponent Hillary Clinton's alleged financial ties to Russian Federation.

As lawmaker Adam Schiff of California, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said on CNN on Sunday: "R$3 ather than turning that investigation off, rather than concluding, we have looked at this for a year, there's really nothing to see here, as the president would claim, instead, if these allegations are true, it's moving into a new phase". "You are changing the subject going back to President Obama and Hillary Clinton".

And yet Conway reviewed the investigation, said no conclusion was proved so far and complained that "we were promised Watergate".

"There are some people suggesting that if it's outside the scope of Russian Federation collusion, Mueller can't look at it".

Mueller expanded the probe to include investigating Trump for obstruction of justice because he fired FBI Director James Comey earlier in May.

Tillis said Mueller should be allowed to complete his investigation and have a "definitive answer" on Russia's influence.

The use of a grand jury, a standard prosecution tool in criminal investigations, suggests that Mueller and his team of investigators is likely to hear from witnesses and demand documents in the coming weeks. "There's no question that it is", he said. Chris Coons, Delaware Democrat, introduced last week legislation to allow a three-judge panel to determine whether there is "good cause" to fire a special counsel amid speculation that the White House may try to jettison Mr. Mueller. "And so I think that everybody, in retrospect, knows this was a bad idea". They forced Trump to sign a Russian Federation sanctions bill into law last week, and the Senate left town but technically stayed in session so that Trump can't fire, then self-replace, his attorney general and reshape the special counsel investigation.

"You know, George, I know there this whole thing about..." "Let's talk about a president looking Americans in the eye, who are still suffering eight years later, who were lied to".