Microsoft's Surface computers lose Consumer reports backing


YONKERS, N.Y. (Consumer Reports) Consumer Reports is removing its "recommended" designation from four Microsoft laptops and can not recommend any other Microsoft laptops or tablets because of poor predicted reliability in comparison with most other brands.

Indeed, according to the company's math, a quarter of all Microsoft laptops and tablets are predicted to encounter some sort of issue by the end of the second year of ownership.

Microsoft's estimated breakage rate for its laptops and tablets was higher than most other brands'. As you might imagine, Microsoft is already responding against these findings, stating that the company does not believe that the study "accurately reflects Surface owners' true experiences".

Microsoft launched its first Surface tablet in 2012.

Experiences were surveyed from subscribers who bought their Surface device between 2014 and March 31st 2017.

But as Consumer Reports notes, the reliability of Apple's laptop and tablet products are consistently the most highly rated by its readers. "Due to its comparatively higher breakage rate, Microsoft laptops can not be recommended by Consumer Reports at this time", the publication notes. Urban Armor Gear has just announced a new case for the latest in Microsoft Surface devices. The power and form factor of Microsofts Surface line are almost unparalleled but if they can't consistently pump out devices that don't experience immediate defects past the normal wear and tear, I don't think their will be many people that remain loyal to the brand.

"Microsoft's real-world return and support rates for past models differ significantly from Consumer Reports' breakage predictability", Microsoft said in an emailed statement to Consumer Reports. The series is best known for its hybrid tablet PCs, which feature a large tablet-like display that can be anchored to an optional keyboard for additional versatility.

Also, we all know that the Surface line has earned its licks for all of the above listed issues - not that we personally have experienced many during our time reviewing Surface products and since. Considering that Microsoft is making a big push into this space, a downgraded rating from Consumer Reports is likely going to impact sales.