Injured in Dolores Park Shooting


In San Francisco, the unknown opened fire in the popular Park of Dolores, causing three people were injured.

Two adult men and a male minor were shot around 3pm and taken to hospital, as authorities report one of the adults is in critical condition.

Some witnesses said that they saw about half a dozen men wearing bandanas shouting and acting threateningly on a park bridge, moments before the gunshots rang out. reported police spokesperson telling media that one of the victims had life threatening injuries while the other two people's injuries were not life-threatening.

A shooting in Dolores Park around 3:05pm has led police to restrict traffic in the area this afternoon.

The SFPD posted an additional Twitter message asking for help with the ongoing investigation, while there was no official information about the shooting suspect, his whereabouts or possible motives. A second later, one man pulled a handgun and rapidly fired six or seven shots, he said.

Juhasz said she saw the person firing a handgun from behind the Miguel Hidalgo statue at the park. He says that in a situation like these I would have normally handle it, but I was also sure that I was going to lose my life that time.

San Francisco police advised people to stay away from Dolores Park right after the shooting but lifted that advisory two hours later.

Then she saw a man holding a gun.

People began running after realizing there had been gunshots, she said. 3 shooting victims at this time.

She said to the newspaper that she heard popping sounds that she first associated with fireworks. Police say the shooting does not appear to be random.