HBO hackers demand millions in ransom money, or else


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the text in the video reads: "We successfully breached into your huge network.HBO was one of our hard targets to deal with but we succeeded (it took about 6 months)".

The hackers have now leaked a second batch of data, including the script for the yet-to-air fifth episode from the current Game Of Thrones season.

Company is sure that without HBO subscription, viewers can't get their hands on "Game of Thrones". Along with the new dump came threats of more damage to come, as the hackers demanded millions of dollars in ransom to prevent the release of additional information. Hackers accessed 1.5 TB of data from HBO servers.

The hackers claim they want "our six-month salary in bitcoin" which they say is roughly $6 million (£4.6 million). The iconic fantasy drama series, which is now making its way through its seventh season, has been the targeted by hackers, who have obtained 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO. According to a report on Endgadget, the hackers have sent a video message to the network demanding it cough up a large chunk of money, or more material will be released.

The dump includes scripts from five "Game of Thrones" episodes and a month's worth of email from the account of an HBO programming executive. "As we said, the forensic review is ongoing", a representative of HBO said in a statement provided to HuffPost. So consider us another budget for your advertisements'.

With Game of Thrones being the main target, it is also assumed that leaked files also include unreleased episodes of Barry, Insecure, Ballers and Room. They posted a fresh stash of stolen files online on Monday and again threatened to release the rest of the files.

HBO said that it is continuing to work with police and cybersecurity experts in order to learn the scope of the online breach, CBS News reported.

It remains unclear what, if any, hacking group is behind the attack.