Google Play Protect program will label Android devices as "safe and secure"


When it was revealed that the new Android Oreo OS will be coming with an Adaptive Icons feature, a lot of people assume that it was going to be a feature that would allow users to do more customization but that is far from the case.

The updated app precautions build on Google Play Protect, another security offering that rolled out in May. While you may not be able to experience Android Oreo in all its glory, you may be able to get a taste of the update by installing the latest version of Google's Pixel Launcher on your device, completely replacing your homescreen with the look and feel of the update. Google claims that the company scans about more than 50 billion apps every day.

Google is trying to make sure that Android users don't end up downloading potentially risky apps even from third-party stores.

If you're someone who constantly uses the same phone apps and never downloads anything new, don't worry - you're one of the majority.

Google today announced its Certified Android devices website. The Pixel Launcher in Android Oreo comes with more improvements and features, but is only confined to Pixel and Nexus devices. Treble essentially separates manufacturer implementation processes from the Android framework by adding a new vendor interface to streamline operating system updates, according to Project Treble team lead Iliyan Malchev. Unlike there's any big update, Google doesn't disclose the changelogs of this app. Once that's done, you have the updated Launcher3 on your phone, complete with Android Oreo customizations. This more public initiative also coincides with Google Play Protect branding being featured on retail packaging.

Every week, we seem to get news about a new piece of malware that's been discovered on Android phones, infecting them and causing security issues for smartphone owners. An nearly equal number of users removed one from their device in the past year due to lack of storage space, declining interest/usage, and to declutter their phones.