Game of Thrones hackers make ransom demand


HBO, which previously acknowledged the theft of "proprietary information", said it is continuing to investigate and is working with police and cybersecurity experts.

The video - which mostly consists of white text on a black background - calls for their "six-month salary in bitcoin", which turns out to be around $6 million (roughly Rs. 38.2 crores), given their claim of annual blackmail compensation as $12 million (roughly Rs. 76.5 crores).

HBO bosses have called in the FBI to investigate the security breach, while also working with police and cybersecurity experts in an attempt to prevent the release of any more information or unaired episodes. It claims HBO is the hackers' 17th target and that only three of their past targets refused to pay.

Yet the hackers claim that they have HBO's best interests at heart.

The hackers also revealed the cast list for "Game of Thrones", which includes the actors' telephone numbers and email addresses.

The data dump, comprised of just 3.4 gigabytes of the 1.5 terabytes allegedly stolen by the group, appeared online Monday and included a video ransom note, according to The Associated Press. The newly-leaked data included a file named "Richard Contact list.txt" that contained thousands of email addresses, suggesting that the hackers may have been able to steal Plepler's email address book. Also leaked were a month's worth of emails from Leslie Cohen, HBO's vice president for film programming.

"Our demand is clear and non-negotiable: we want XXXX dollars to stop leaking your data", the redacted note reads.

In an unrelated incident, an unreleased Episode 4 of "GoT" Season 7 was leaked online from Star India on August 4, two days before it was to be aired. Now hackers are confirming what data they have and their latest demand will surely give HBO people a nightmare.

HBO spokesperson Jeff Cusson responded to WIRED's request for comment on the new leak in a statement, saying that the company had been expecting more data to emerge from its breach, but that the company's "forensic review is ongoing".

'HBO spends $12m for market research and $5m for [Game Of Thrones series seven] advertisements.