First Look At Josh Brolin's Cable For Deadpool 2 Unveiled


The sequel to 2016's acclaimed Deadpool will hit United Kingdom theatres on June 1st 2018.

Ryan Reynolds once again gave fans awaiting "Deadpool 2" a fun treat. Josh Brolin was announced back in April as the primary villain of the piece, the bionic mutant future-soldier Cable.

The images come just a week after the actor teased a first look at the comic book character Domino, who will also appear in "Deadpool 2". Ryan took to Twitter and shared the first look at Domino, played by Zazie Beetz.

"We all have that one, grumpy, heavily armed Uncle from the future". As if the sequel to last year's Deadpool weren't already anticipated enough considering how much of a hit the first film was, the past week has doubled the excitement.

A new set photo from Deadpool 2 continues to fuel speculation that the Mutant Messiah will appear in the movie.

Ryan Reynolds has finally unveiled what Josh Brolin's character Cable looks like for the upcoming Deadpool 2. It was also in The New Mutants, issue #98, where Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza introduced Deadpool in his first comic book appearance. He posted two pictures of Brolin in his Cable getup, one a close up of his face, and another giving us a sense of the artillery he's sporting.

John Wick's David Leitch is directing the 20th Century Fox followup from a screenplay by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. "#PremiumCABLE #JoshBrolin". If you're wondering how Cable's signature metal arm and penchant for big guns look, then wonder no more though, because Reynolds soon followed up that tweet with another pic.