Britney Spears Frightened During Vegas Show as Man Rushes Stage


Spears just started back at her Las Vegas residency after taking a little summer vacay, and while she performed her '90s hit "Crazy", some (ironically) insane dude rushed the stage and tried to run toward her. "A fan-recorded video shows an unidentified person running onto the stage as Spears was performing her hit "(You Drive Me) Crazy" and immediately being tackled by security.

In the footage from TMZ, Britney can be seen performing when a man rushes the stage behind her.

You hear her ask if everything is OK. "What's going on?" Then - visibly frightened - she gasped, "He's got a gun?"

Jonathan Groce, an eyewitness at the concert, explained to "Entertainment Tonight" that the fan, later identified by TMZ as 37-year-old Jess Webb, was standing in the first section of the venue when he and a friend began fighting with the security guards.

In the clip, Britney is completely unaware of the intrusion and continues performing her song insane.

Billboard reported that another video shows the man being held down by some male dancers and security while he's being handcuffed.

After the intruder was tackled to the ground, he was carried off stage. "The audience was very supportive of Britney yelling, 'Leave Britney alone, ' and cussing at the guy". When security approaches her to explain what's going on, she looks real freaked out but in the cutest way possible.

The singer's mic feed was cut and she was escorted off stage.

Spears is set to return to the stage on Friday and Saturday in Vegas but she has not commented about the incident on stage Wednesday night.

"Spears" dancers have been known to come to her aid mid-performance in the past.

This was also one of Spears' last shows as part of her Piece of Me residency in Vegas, which started in 2013 and will end in December. Britney's dancers are incredible performers, to be sure - but it turns out they can be heroes, too.