Boeing Dreamliner jet draws USA-sized self-portrait in the sky


You let them have some fun with it. Boeing has conducted one such live engine test on its 787 Dreamliner.

A Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner has finished a flight across the United States leaving a trace of their airplane.

It kicked off from Boeing's Seattle headquarters in Washington at 11pm on Tuesday, cruising continually at 41,000-ft, and keen aviation fans were able to track its unusual route as the flight path began to take shape using flightradar24. And again, setting itself off southwest toward South Dakota before once again changing course and banking to the right.

This isn't the first time Boeing's test team has gotten creative with a flight route - engineers used a 737 MAX's eight-hour test flight in February to spell out "MAX" across Washington and Montana.

By the time it was done Thursday morning, the wingtips stretched from MI to Texas while its nose touched Wyoming and its tail was in Alabama.

It's port wingtip "touched" the bottom of Texas and its tail was close to New Orleans. The left wing stretches down through Texas almost to Mexico, and the other wing stretches upward to the very top of MI just below the Canadian border.

The test flight concluded at noon Chicago time.