Toyota's Fast-Charging Car By 2022


An upcoming electric vehicle from Toyota will feature a new type of battery that charges faster and significantly increases driving range.

The Japanese giant reportedly wants to put the batteries in fully-electric vehicles by 2022, which could make it the first auto manufacturer to ship the new cells.

Japan's biggest automaker is looking to close the gap with EV leaders such as Nissan Motor Co and Tesla Inc as battery-powered cars gain traction around the globe as a viable emission-free alternative to conventional cars. The use of new solid-state batteries is a big change from the lithium-ion batteries that now power today's EVs. The paper says that the vehicle maker is working on all-solid-state batteries, a recently developed technology that uses solid electrolytes rather than liquid ones, enabling a higher volumetric energy density than more conventional lithium-ion batteries. And a part of that.

The improved battery technology would make it possible to create smaller, more lightweight lithium-ion batteries for use in EVs, that could also potentially boost the total charge capacity and result in longer-range vehicles.

Toyota spokeswoman Kayo Doi said the company would not comment on specific product plans but added that it aimed to commercialise all-solid-state batteries by the early 2020s. The downside is that they're still very expensive to manufacture on a mass scale. This will thus be a long-range fast-charging electric auto.

Toyota isn't alone in racing toward solid-state batteries: Hyundai has shown interest in developing and commercializing this technology too.

Which is bang on Toyota's target for EVs we reported on in 2011.