Pokemon Go Fest is coming this weekend


It's great to see team battles, raids, Gen 2 Pokemon and, finally, Legendary pocket monsters make their way to Pokemon GO. These Pokemon will help trainers defeat Raid Battles and Gym Battles, but can not be left behind to defend gyms due to their strength imbalance.

But something even more interesting is the reports of "special" Pokemon Go Raids being set up.

Niantic is unleashing Legendary Pokemon into Pokemon GO starting this weekend. According to the official patch notes, Niantic added new icons on the Pokemon Information screen. Of course, the strangers hugging each other might be a bit of a stretch but it doesn't seem too far fetched that tons of people would be rushing to a central location after receiving news of a legendary raid happening near them. The developers encourage players to catch as many Pokemon as possible within the challenge window. It's doubtful that Niantic would take away the legendary Pokemon they have been working on adding to the game, but perhaps we'll have to wait longer to access it.

This is nearly certainly the first Pokemon Go Raid for Legendary-types, with the development team teasing: "Trainers everywhere will want to grab their friends and family to help make this the biggest celebration in Pokémon Go's history".

I just hope they aren't gated only to the very strongest of players, which is how it looks with the current system. The upside to this is that even just catching one or two Legendary Pokemon can already significantly boost a player's attack strength.

The first legendary Pokemon is slated to appear in Chicago on July 22 during Pokemon GO Fest, provided that players around the world are able to catch enough Pokemon to unlock the challenge.

Apart from the Legendary Pokemon, the rare second generation Pokemon are also expected to appear in the raids during the challenge.