Facebook Rolls Out Advertising Within Messenger


"And going forward, there are some other business models we are exploring as well, but they're all around ads one way or another", Chudnovsky told VentureBeat in a phone interview.

Facebook says that it will roll out Messenger ads to some users at the end of the month and then expand the beta test to more as it receives feedback.

Facebook started testing this advertising option in Thailand and Australia back in January this year. Of course, this means that you'll soon see advertisements popping up in your Messenger app, though it may not be as bad as it sounds at first.

The ads won't be shown in conversations.

Advertisers will be able to add Messenger to its campaigns, but ads like Sponsored messages can only be sent to users that have previously connected with a company.

The home screen in Facebook Messenger can be best described as an inbox which lists your most recent conversations with your friends, Pages, and bots.

The test comes as Facebook tries to maximize its money making, with ads representing the bulk of its total revenue. The ads will be similar to those found on Instagram and Facebook and focus on creating conversations between users and businesses. It won't be long, however, until we're all seeing ads on the Messenger homepage, so definitely get ready for that. Finally, Click to Messenger ads will drive users to converse with the company after viewing the content.