Dying Light Will Receive 10 Free DLC Packs Over the Next Year


Through a series of regular community challenges as well as a huge expansion and plenty of additional content throughout the past couple of years, Techland have done a fantastic job of keeping the community around Dying Light pretty engaged.

Dying Light, which launched in 2015, still has such a large and devoted following that Techland has planned 10 free DLC drops over the coming year as a thank you. Dying Light's most recent event, for example, known as CARnage 2.0, saw players joining forces in a bid to "collectively blow up, burn and electrify 2 million zombies". That's a fantastic number given that most games can't maintain that kind of user engagement after eight weeks of being released. These will include new enemies, new in-game events, new mysterious to solve, and "much, much more".

The first DLC pack is dropping soon featuring new enemies.

Player-retention is always hard to achieve, so it's a nice surprise to see people continually playing a game as good as Dying Light that aren't military shooters like Call of Duty or Battlefield.

On a side note, with the success of Dying Light being as it is, might this suggest that a sequel is in the cards now?