DOOM 'Ultimate' 6.66 update unlocks all the DLCs, brings major revisions


Most importantly, all multiplayer DLC is now unlocked for all players. They included nine maps, three guns, three playable demons, and additional armour sets and equipment.

The update also includes a ground-up overhaul of the multiplayer progression system - a feature missing from the more basic highest-score-wins 1993 Doom multiplayer experience and borrowed here from the success of FPS titles like Call of Duty.

The UI will now show off better post-match summaries, player status in lobbies, new progression options/status, and better outline weapon, equipment and demon characteristics. Everything now unlocks through meeting level requirements and completing in-game challenges.

There's also the matter of players only getting to try the first two levels of the game's main campaign during the weekend, so there's that to consider. The patch was rolled out before a "Free Trial Weekend" for Steam and Xbox One fans which was slated for July 20.

For a start, the game's season pass has now been retired, with all paid DLC now available free for all. Runes don't need to be activated and don't expire, so your unlocked perks will stay with you and can now become a consistent part of your play strategy.

Bethesda is rolling out the "ultimate" DOOM experience with Update 6.66: alongside a completely revised multiplayer progression system, new runes system, better player information, and revised user interface, the patch unlocks all multiplayer content to everyone who owns the game, forever.

On that note, Bethesda has also announced a permanent price drop for Doom. "For those elite few who have achieved the max Slayer level, we've designated a special Slayer badge for you". We'd encourage giving the game a shot and maybe even picking it up while you don't have to sell your soul for a copy. A Free Weekend will kick off on Thursday, July 27 at 9am PT/12pm ET on PS4. Did any of you play DOOM multiplayer? And if you do try the game and decide that you want to buy it, you'll be happy to find that its price will be a very reasonable £11.99/$14.99.