Baby killer whale 'Kyara' dies at SeaWorld San Antonio


Kyara, a 3-month-old killer whale calf at SeaWorld San Antonio, and the last one born in captivity at one of the company's parks, has died, according to a press release from the company.

Kyara was being dealt with for a disease, likely pneumonia, that SeaWorld's veterinary and creature mind staff was "forcefully treating", as indicated by the announcement.

Pictures of Kyara swimming alongside her mother Takara went viral in April, when SeaWorld announced the arrival of its last ever captive bred orca. She had been under 24-hour watch and was hand-fed to enhance her nutrition. Officials said the mother has returned back to normal after her daughter's death.

In an 840-word statement posted on its SeaWorldCares site, the Orlando-based company said Kyara was being treated for an infection. The company announced in 2016 that it was shutting down the breeding program and that the current generation of orcas would be the last to live at the park.

Instead of performances, SeaWorld will offer visitors the chance to view the orcas for 45 minutes. In January 2017, a 36-year-old whale Tilikum died in captivity at the park.

Earlier this year another SeaWorld orca, Tilikum, died of a bacterial infection.

SeaWorld has 22 orcas left in the U.S. The youngest, Amaya, was born in December 2014.

PETA released a statement Monday night in wake of Kyara's death, accusing SeaWorld executives of having "dollar signs where their eyes should be". Cromwell and other activists are said to have high jacked SeaWorld's "Orca Encounter" show using megaphones to inform the audience about SeaWorld's history of premature orca deaths.