What new Uber CEO will need to do to turn company around


Kalanick's exit from Uber followed pressure from investors, people familiar with the matter told The New York Times.

"They were extremely slow to react and respond", said Andy Gilman, CEO at crisis communications firm CommCore Consulting Group.

Citing unnamed sources, the New York Post reports that Uber's board of directors plans to approach Sheryl Sandberg about taking over as chief executive of the beleaguered ride-sharing firm. Plenty of executives have departed during times of crisis, and the companies have done just fine, including Wells Fargo after its phony bank and credit-card account scandal previous year, Volkswagen with its emissions cheating scandal in 2015 and even Apple when Steve Jobs first left. Gartner analyst Michael Ramsey said a good CEO candidate could emerge from those who remain. "This is a bold decision and a sign of his devotion and love for Uber", the board said. The Financial Times recently used data from credit card purchases to show that Uber's toughest rival in the U.S., Lyft, is steadily gaining market share.

While Kalanick's surprise resignation clears the way for a new leader, finding someone of the right caliber who's willing to take on such a hard job won't be easy. Developing a stronger relationship with drivers would give Uber "a big advantage", Schiffer said.

"I never thought I would be writing this". Kalanick remains a paper billionaire given his approximately 12 percent stake in the company, with a net worth of $6.7 billion, according to calculations by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. So while Lloyd could just sit pat and wait to get paid back first on any tire fire IPO that might come out of Uber 2.0, he should embrace his new Twitter-fueled "cool bro" persona and play the possible upside. "That's not an easy spot".

Uber should make a conscious effort to bring more diversity into its other top-level positions as well, said Bob Geller, president of Fusion Public Relations. The fee for an Uber car's wait time was reduced from five minutes to two minutes after requesting a driver.

Threats to #DeleteUber didn't have much effect on his income, he said. "Unfortunately, at some point the range of needs of this company just overwhelmed him". "There's still a long way to go to fix the problems that happened". Here are the next steps Uber must take to maintain its dominance in the ride-hailing business, according to the experts.

In any fight now Uber looks less like a valiant underdog fighting against entrenched interests or jealous competitors; Uber instead looks like a scandal-ridden bully. "Or they are not", he said. Like a European soccer team sending talent out on loan, Marty could create a huge opportunity for Goldman over at Uber while simultaneously getting practice as head honcho for the inevitable moment that he leapfrogs Harvey Schwarz and David Solomon to end the reign of "Power Balds" and take over at 200 West St.

Stories of other ousted CEOs include the famous departures of Steve Jobs from Apple or Jack Dorsey from Twitter - both of whom later returned to the companies they helped found.