Man convicted of 2nd-degree murder in killing of Baby Doe


As the sun set over Boston Harbor on Sunday, about two dozen people gathered on Deer Island for a sometimes contentious vigil in memory of Bella Bond, the 2-year-old girl whose remains were found washed up on the peninsula's rocky shore on June 25, 2015.

McCarthy stood in handcuffs, wearing a light brown colored jacket, and remained emotionless as the verdict was delivered after the jury of eight men and four women took a little over 23 hours, spread out over five days, to reach their decision. She is scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday.

She testified that she picked Bella up to leave but McCarthy grabbed her by the throat with both hands and said he'd kill her.

The disturbing saga began two years ago when an unidentified toddler's partially decomposed body was found in a trash bag off the shoreline of Deer Island in Boston.

In a later discussion, Bond said she asked McCarthy what he did.

A MA jury has found a man guilty of second-degree murder in the death of "Baby Doe" Bella Bond. The girl's mother Rachelle Bond, who pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact for helping McCarthy dispose of her daughter's body, acted as the prosecution's star witness in the trial.

"An innocent life was not merely snuffed out, but callously discarded", he said.

McCarthy gave no visible reaction in court as the verdict was announced Monday morning, reported CBS Boston.

That night McCarthy injected Bond with heroin in her neck, and later brought her to his vehicle, she said on the stand.

Baby Doe has been identified as Bella Bond, according to a law enforcement official.

McCarthy's lawyer said Bella's mother was the real killer.

"Rachelle Bond made up the story she told you", he said.

"We entered into a cooperation agreement that required her to speak truthfully, to testify truthfully, and we believe that she did that", Conley said. He called her a "monster" who made up a "web of lies" to blame McCarthy.

As part of her plea deal, Bond was sentenced to time served and two years of probation, authorities said. He allegedly said, "it was her time to die, there was a demon in her".

The jury also had the option of convicting McCarthy of first-degree murder or involuntary manslaughter, the Boston Herald reports.

Rachelle Bond in court June 7, 2017. He said there was no physical evidence tying McCarthy to the crime - only Rachelle Bond's "unbelievable" testimony.

"He's a sick psychopath who got what he deserved", he said. Billboards featuring the little girl's face along with the name "Baby Doe" went up around the city, but neither her mother nor McCarthy ever came forward.

Assistant District Attorney Deakin emphasized to the jury that they must not judge McCarthy, Bond and the other individuals involved in the case as a group of addicts.