In spite of tweet, lawyer says Trump not under investigation


Already, they've floated the idea that Mueller could be biased because some members of his investigative team have made campaign contributions to Democrats and because Mueller interviewed for the Federal Bureau of Investigation director's job after Trump fired Comey.

Sekulow then covered his tracks saying his statement was in regards to if there was an investigation, that it would not be constitutional, and then continued with his stance that there is no investigation.

"There's a limitation on Twitter, as we all know", Mr. Sekulow said on CNN. To make it more hard, Trump's statements threaten to undercut their work.

SEKULOW: Well, look, I - I can't imagine the scenario where the president would - would not be aware of it.

Last Friday, President Trump added to the confusion by responding to the Washington Post story in a tweet.

Should Rosenstein decide to recuse himself, Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand would take over for him as far as having authority over the special counsel, whether it continues to be Mueller or not.

While Pence hasn't been implicated in any potential wrongdoing, he is tied to the Mueller investigation in two main ways. As Schiff said: "The appointment of a special counsel is not a substitute for a vigorous investigation in Congress and the House Intelligence Committee will take steps to make sure our investigations do not conflict and ensure the success of both efforts".

Law enforcement sources have told CNN that the special counsel is gathering information and considering whether there is evidence to launch a full scale obstruction investigation.

Himes says interviews are still being scheduled and documents being reviewed.

"I believe that Trump's use of threats to obstruct the ongoing criminal investigations of Michael Flynn clearly violate 18 U.S.C. 1512 (b)(3); Violations of that section are a felony", Sherman writes. Angus King, an independent from ME, said "we're 20 percent into" the collusion aspect of the investigation. "The president is not a subject or target of investigation", said Trump legal team member, Jay Sekulow, in an interview.

Jared Kushner has been represented on business matters and other issues by Jamie Gorelick.

A full-scale investigation has not yet been launched, although preliminary work is clearly being done, according to sources familiar with the process.

On Sunday, Trump again referred to the probe, but dismissed it. Kushner has denied any improper contacts with Russian Federation.

"The president is not and has not been under investigation for obstruction".

ANDREW WEISSMANN: The veteran Justice Department prosecutor brings years of experience in complex financial fraud cases, corporate misconduct and organized crime.

Last Thursday, the Washington Post published a sensational report that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was investigating President Trump for obstruction of justice.