Google News for desktop redesigned for a cleaner look, adds Story cards


Google says that leveraging a concept called "material design" to "design for readability" will make it easier for those visiting Google News to scan for content in articles and get different points of view on the same subject. It has also strived to emphasise high-quality content that's focused on facts. This additional page provides many more stories from a variety of perspectives. Text-heavy and designed for mouse-only interaction, the site offered a high information density but could be overwhelming.

"This update is a welcome one especially as nearly all of Google" s other services have been redesigned over the past few years, leaving News behind, looking old-fashioned and cluttered.

The "card" format serves less information on a page. It's cleaner and should be easier to use. This is to make Google News more personal, and I have to say, I'll be visiting this page pretty often now that I know it's here. You can customise the latter two to keep up-to-date on events in locations you're interested in and around subjects of your choice. It's there for everything from political news to sports action and daily local news.

A primary focus of the new site has been to improve overall transparency of the stories it features. In the feed, each news story now is now clearly defined as a white card displaying the headline, publication, publish time, featured photo and summary. This includes alternative news reports to the main one that is shown. That is, you would still see the news tools that have been added in recent years. The tags are displayed in bold so they stand out visually. A quick comparison between the old and new design sees a reduction of articles by more than half.

The "Full Coverage" page lets readers explore articles or news stories in detail.

The new design also gets the Fact Check block. This will be initially limited to the US but should roll out more widely in due course. Gray backgrounds, flatter buttons, and a more consistent look with the rest of Google's products is now present which is certainly welcome and signals Google wants back in the news delivering space currently being taken up by companies like Twitter and Apple. People are pleading with Google to bring the old design back or at least give them a way to access the old design.