Divorcing dad kills two young children before hanging himself on Father's Day


The mother of two children who were allegedly murdered by their dad before he turned the gun on himself on Father's Day released a letter Tuesday expressing her grief.

The couple was married but separated, and police are investigating whether there were any prior calls for service at the 40-year-old father's Slater Street home, Cregan said.

The children's mother went to pick up the children at Da Camara's apartment in the 700 block of Slater Street on Sunday evening but it appeared he was not home, Crum said.

Officers said that Camara hanged himself in a bedroom with the bodies of his daughter and son nearby. The child was fine, police would later say.

Neighbors told KRON that Camara had only lived there for a few months, but the arguments between him and his wife were intense on several occasions.

Deputies say Camara and the children's mother were involved in a custody dispute before the apparent double murder-suicide.

A Santa Rosa mother whose two young children were found slain Monday near their father, who had hanged himself, said she had feared for her children's safety in their father's care but felt her concerns had gone unheeded. The coroner identified the 6-year-old girl as Juliana, and 19-month-old boy as Julian.

'He was great, he'd have the kids visit, and ride bikes, and he'd take them to the park, ' Poncia said sadly, 'and so I don't know. Deputies found the three bodies when they returned with concerned relatives the next day.

Camara's estranged wife lives outside city limits, so she reported that her kids were unaccounted for to the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department.

But by Monday morning they were found dead on his bed inside the apartment. At that time, they had no formal custody arrangement.

Santa Rosa Police Department Lt. John Cregan said: "We're still going to be exploring the timeline to determine when the children were last seen and when this tragedy occurred".

"They're really super sweet kids and he seemed like a really good father".