Celtics trade No. 1 overall draft pick to 76ers


There is the upcoming NBA Draft where the Boston Celtics swapped picks with the Philadelphia 76ers sliding down to the third spot. Washington point guard Markelle Fultz has always been widely regarded as the best draft prospect, who Philadelphia is now expected to pick, but Ainge indicated Monday that his team's evaluation was not so clear-cut.

Jo Jo seems pretty pumped about it. Boston apparently wasn't as high on consensus No.1 pick Markelle Fultz, and they have plenty of assets to make another deal on draft day.

If the Lakers pick does not fall in that range in 2018, the Celtics will choose between the Kings' first-round pick in 2019 (which now belongs to the 76ers) or the 76ers' own first-round pick in 2019. Either way, the Celtics didn't lose much though they could still dangle that privilege for a potential trade deal. "We are using house money here".

Ainge explained why he made the trade several days before Thursday's draft, as opposed to seeing what might have developed as the event drew closer, by saying, "Sometimes when you get an offer you want, you don't want to wait for that offer to go away".

Cattles disagreed, citing reports and comments from Ainge that the 76ers' offer was the best one on the table and that the rest of the National Basketball Association simply isn't "enamored" with Fultz like most draft experts have been. The Indiana Pacers might be compelled to trade their star player when the first round gets underway, considering they've been informed that George plans to leave as a free agent in 2018. "It's a deep (draft) class, but we felt the move from three to one was worth the cost of a first-round pick in the future". That conversation led to further dialogue and it's been consistent since the Draft Lottery.

The 6-foot-4 guard averaged 23.2 points, 5.7 rebounds and 5.9 assists in 25 games during his lone college season at Washington, excelling on a team that finished 9-22 and lost its final 13 games.

Philadelphia fans and media in favor of the trade say Fultz would mesh well with Simmons. He shot 41.3 percent from 3-point range at Washington, and the 76ers need a shooter. The team has four second-round picks. They also have Jahlil Okafor, who was selected two years ago.

"There's a lot of interest in our picks", Colangelo said. Some bids have come in.

CAMDEN - Malik Monk aced the media interview portion of his Philadelphia 76ers audition Thur... The 76ers are 75-253 since then.

Sixers big man Joel Embiid tweeted a photo of himself with Fultz, Simmons and Robert Covington along with the caption: "This should be legendary if it happens". "So I think it's a good deal for both teams". A bell rings every time someone sells a new season ticket.