Ubuntu, Suse, and Fedora Are Coming to Windows 10


Microsoft also announced new Azure data and cloud services to help developers quickly modernise their existing apps, new Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Azure services that allow any developer to more easily build intelligent apps, with understanding and natural user interaction capabilities, and showcased new data, IoT edge and AI services built for a future with an intelligent cloud and intelligent edge.

One of the most noteworthy announcements at the keynote involved upgrades to Cortana; After this week's announcement of the Harman Kardon Invoke speaker with Cortana on board, Microsoft showed of a new set of tools for developers to program for the assistant.

Nadella urged developers to use technology for people's empowerment.

"What happens to lower-level, blue-collar jobs that might be impacted" Gartner research director of app design and development Jason Wong ask rhetorically.

'We've been creating the building blocks for the current wave of AI breakthroughs for more than two decades'.

The ticker climbed steadily throughout 2016, with Microsoft making frequent announcements of Windows 10's momentum: 200 million at the beginning of the year, 270 million at the end of March, 300 million as of May 5, and then 350 million in a report on June 29, 2016, just before release of Anniversary Update.

Microsoft rivals including Amazon, Apple, Google and IBM have all been aggressively pursing the promise and potential of artificial intelligence. But developers will appreciate these tools, which will let them use their favorite databases on Azure. It was well-received by developers, and has apparently emboldened Microsoft to go further.

'Which is different from Amazon, Facebook, and Google whose primary business model is to mine personal information using AI to sell you things or put ads in front of you'.

Microsoft is announcing today that 500 million active machines are now running Windows 10.

Microsoft also said that more than 100 million customers use Office on a monthly basis, while Cortana has more than 141 million unique users.

"It is a pretty incredible world you can create using intelligent cloud and intelligent edge".