Spicer on the Way Out, Sanders In?


The first of those calls was initiated by Trump, POTUS said, adding that he had asked if it was possible for Comey to let him know if he was under investigation. The sketch opened with Sarah Huckabee Sanders taking the podium, who was filling in for Spicer because he was fulfilling his Naval Reserve duty. At least, that's how the Washington Post reported it at the time. After being bothered by all of the questions surrounding his job security, Spicer left the conference on his motorized podium and head to NY to find Trump.

Sanders didn't have an easy time of it Wednesday, dealing with the fallout from the firing of James Comey in just her second-ever press conference.

"Nothing is decided, but the president has really turned his opinion on Sean", one official told a prospective candidate for the administration, the candidate said. "She does a great job", the official said. Mediaite reports she told reporters Trump had been losing faith in Comey since the election and had been considering firing him for a while.

"Oh my god", Spicer responds.

Trump is "frustrated, and angry at everyone", one source told Axios, and said that the president is also upset with Cabinet officials, like commerce secretary Wilbur Ross, attorney general Jeff Sessions, and health and human services secretary Tom Price. "Spicer huddled with his staff among bushes near television sets on the White House grounds, not 'in the bushes, ' as the story originally stated".

Sanders hadn't spoken to the president prior to taking the briefing room lectern on Wednesday, she admitted, but she had spoken to him since then and was all caught up on what she's supposed to say.

The spokesman would not confirm or deny if the White House has recording devices that Trump alluded to in a separate tweet on Friday morning.

On Thursday night, the 45-year-old White House Press Secretary got into a "heated" exchange with an Washington Post editor about just that, according to a report from Politico.

Kate Nocera contributed reporting.