Son of Moses Malone sues Rockets MVP candidate James Harden


Moses the son of Moses Eugene Malone, who played for both the American Basketball Association and the NBA.

Moses claims James paid the men $20,000 in cash to attack him because he blasted James in a June 24 Facebook post.

One of the men allegedly flashed a gun while Blount said Malone had "disrespected James Harden and that he needs to be punished after that".

Malone Jr. said he was robbed of about $15,000 worth of jewelry and the investigation is ongoing. But wait, you might be saying, why would Harden have a beef with Moses Malone Jr.?

On the night of June 25, Malone arrived at a strip club called V Live that he and Harden frequently attended.

Moses Malone Jr., added James Harden to a lawsuit alleging that the Rockets star ordered a beating over a Facebook post last summer. If they're not, Malone Jr. will once again fade into obscurity.

Malone's attorney, George Farah, spoke with MacMahon on Tuesday and claimed that Facebook post was mentioned during the beating and noted by witnesses as something that upset Harden.

So far, there has been no evidence linking Harden directly to the attack, but he will have to answer questions about his knowledge of the men involved, and the scope of Harden's relationship with the club will be explored. Shortly after being eliminated from the playoffs by the San Antonio Spurs, he received some distressing news from his legal team.

Four men, including club security guard Darian Blount, were arrested in connection with the assault.

Although several people have been arrested and charged in connection to the assault on Malone Jr., Harden's attorney, Rusty Hardin, doesn't sound anxious, saying the "allegations are untrue".

"I am totally comfortable that the allegations are untrue", Hardin said in a statement, via Carey. The attack happened a year ago, and according to Malone Jr. was the result of some Facebook comments he made about the Rockets star.