Snapchat Launches 'Limitless Snaps', New Magic Eraser, Drawing With Emojis, More


Users can also send video messages that loop until friends manually dismiss them.

Q1 average monthly Mobile Unique Visitors to the Snapchat App grew 107% Y/Y, accelerating vs. Q4's 91% Y/Y growth (though on a 22-pt easier comp).

Snapchat is introducing new features in an update today including the option to create "limitless snaps" with a new "infinity" setting on the timer, a "Magic Eraser tool", and a new "Loop tool".

Snapchat has removed the time limit on your friends' Snaps.

It's time to shop till you drop! Editing has a new layout, with buttons arranged vertically along the top right edge.

Until now, it has been more common for Facebook and Instagram to update its services with features copied from Snapchat, but it seems Snapchat has returned the favor with the new Loop tool that is similar to Instagram's Boomerang feature.

The infinity timer isn't the only change.

Navigate on over to the little heart icon, and you'll find a bunch of your favorite emojis to choose from.

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During the process of placing objects, Snapchat says it is tracking the main surface of the photo - usually, this will be the ground. Tap the "looping" icon after taking a video snap to have it replay repeatedly, until your friend closes it or advances to additional posts on your Snapchat Story.

A promotion video (below) from Snapchat shows the new lenses allowing flowers to be planted in the ground and a rainbow to be placed above a group of people who are sitting at a table. Limitless Snaps will still delete after closing but will remain open and available to view for as long as the recipient keeps them open.

Looping Video - Tap the looping icon ("play forever") on your Snap.

In mid-April, Facebook said its Instagram Stories application, which competes directly with Snapchat Stories, broke the 200 million user mark among daily active users.

Now, if you film the clips via the Snapchat app, save them as Memories, and then upload them to your story, the border vanishes and the small header reads, "from Memories". You have successfully taken your snap up a notch.