Payday 2 to Receive VR Support Later This Year


It should be worth noting that Payday 2 VR won't simply be a small slice of the game.

For the past few years, avid first-person shooter fans that have looking for a good collaborative effort have been finding it with PayDay 2, which has been released across a number of platforms.

The teaser trailer above shows VR players grabbing at riches, reviving teammates, and doing their best Neo impression as they dual-wield, unleashing a volley of hot lead towards waves of cops.

Scheduled to release sometime this year, the Payday VR mode for Payday 2 will allow players to step into the shoes of the bank robbers in a more immersive way than before. They can even do so alongside vanilla PC players. Overkill says that the Payday VR beta will begin in 2017. That tells us that players can partner up in a game, on Virtual Reality or not.

Watch the Payday 2 VR Mode trailer below. When playing the game in virtual reality mode players will have access to several new features, including a new 3D head-up display that is attached to the left or right hand and the ability to interact with the world in 3D space.

The developers added that the game wouldn't be an on-off experience. It wasn't exactly a experience type that dominates the game industry. Whether it's going to be a separate purchase from Payday or can be availed for functionality through update.