New iPhone mass production on schedule, says report


Reports which surfaced a couple of months back claimed that Apple's display partner Samsung is facing yield issues with the OLED displays for the iPhone.

Early on Monday, a report online said that suppliers of laminate motherboards Kinsus Interconnect and Zhen Ding, had straightened out prior difficulties and now are ready to ratchet up production of parts for iPhones in June. Their delivery into the chips is expected to start in the second half of July. And just as always, iPhone manufacturers like Foxconn have already begun the development phase of the new iPhone builds by employing and training new recruits as they enter the mass production line. The first two predictions seem plausible, but not the third.

JP Morgan also believes the iPhone 8 will have an OLED screen which stretches horizontally from edge to edge (when held in portrait).

Under the hood, the iPhone 8 is said to pack a larger battery than its predecessor. What's more, a diagram of the iPhone 8 also features top and bottom bezels, which goes against majority of other predictions and mockups circulating the internet.

Sometime this year (likely in October), Apple will launch the iPhone 8.

JPMorgan estimates that the tech upgrades included in the iPhone 8 will increase Apple's bill of materials by an additional $75-$80 per iPhone. However, users won't be able to get their hands on the new iPhones before October, which is later than Apple's typical iPhone releases.

As well as an anniversary celebration handset, this iPhone is expected to be radically different from what has come before. Therefore, it is recommended to take this information with a pinch of salt.

However what's interesting about this particular report is that it suggested that Apple could actually bundle AirPods with the handset.

Personally, I do not see Apple missing this opportunity. Sources speculate that a highly spec'd out iPhone 8 will be he start of the show. Even if the release is delayed by a month or two, the handset will nearly certainly be launched alongside the iPhone 7s range.