New God of War release date possibly leaked for 2018


However, Christopher Judge, the voice actor behind Kratos, revealed on his Twitter page that the game will be out in 2018. While everyone and their grandmother expects the game to have a significant presence at E3 2017, we are left to glean anything and everything we can from the fountain of hope that is the internet.

Now, with that out of the way, a Portuguese retailer Gaming Replay, may have leaked the release date for the upcoming God of War title.

"God of War", which is also being called as "God of War 4" by some, was first officially announced at E3 2016, with Sony unveiling a trailer and short demo. By September, the game studio might have already polished and tweaked the game enough that it's ready for release. It would also mean that we are likely to get a full blowout on the game, including a confirmation of this release date, at E3 next month. Of course, even if it does, God of War fans should definitely take this news as a huge rumor, seeing as how the Portuguese site could just be using it as a placeholder date for the title's release.

As for the God of War game, Sony Santa Monica has chosen a unique Norse mythology theme for the game, and it'll take place at a fantasy period when gods walked the earth.

God of War would certainly fit that bill.

Obviously, the declarations of the development team weighs more, but so far we do not have precise data on the launch of the new God of War.

We're very excited to see how God of War 4 turned out either way. If you're a true God of War fan, then you know that the fourth installment in the series should come to consoles pretty soon. Sony could release the game sometime in early 2018 the same way it released "Horizon Zero Dawn" back in February.