Mom dies saving daughter from out-of-control auto on Mother's Day


A NY mother died on Mother's Day after a vehicle slammed into the woman and her daughter as they were walking from church, according to WPIX.

Police on Long Island said that Diane Aluska, 55, was walking next to her daughter, Jenna, in Lindenhurst when the driver of a 2005 Toyota Corolla lost control of her auto, according to the New York Daily News.

Officials say the incident appears to be an accident, and no criminality is suspected.

"She did not put the auto in drive, thought she had, and hit the gas", said Suffolk County Police Detective Sgt. James Murphy.

Upon returning from the hospital, he said his wife had saved their daughter's life. Aluska was also taken to the hospital, where she died of her injuries.

Aluska and her daughter were rushed to Good Samaritan Hospital.

WABC reports that Diane was pinned underneath the vehicle after the accident, and bystanders rushed to push the auto off Diane to rescue her.

Diane was a mother of three; Jenna was her youngest.

The daughter of a woman killed in a Mother's Day crash in Suffolk County, was heartbroken to find out that her mother died while pushing her out of the way. "The one that was lying over there on the ground, she was looking for her mother, she just kept screaming for her mom", says eyewitness Victoria Fisher Kelly. "I can't believe she's passed".

Kenneth Aluska was out buying Mother's Day flowers for his wife when the accident happened.

"Diane was a valued member of our Town Clerk's Office where she served residents of the town with dedication, compassion and a big smile".

Her father asked the community to remember Diane Aluska as a lovely person who loved life and her family.