Microsoft Announces New Developer Services and Tools


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Azure Cosmos DB containers are distributed along two dimensions - within a given region, all resources are horizontally partitioned using resource partitions (local distribution); and each resource partition is also replicated across geographical regions (global distribution). Microsoft also has made the Cortana skills kit available for public preview, allowing developers to build skills for Cortana and publish it to the Cortana channel of the Bot framework.

Serverless computing - adding an abstraction layer above cloud infrastructure - promises to let developers write code without worrying about the underlying platform.

Hopes of new Surface hardware were dashed at day one of the annual conference, with the software behemoth instead focusing on Cortana, Artificial Intelligence, the IoT, and how best to organize the cloud when the levels of data being generated are growing exponentially.

"We are updating Service Fabric to support taking any standard Docker-Compose-based solution and deploy it running on Service Fabric", Guthrie said. Graphs are useful for analyzing large datasets and make predictions based on similarity of connections.

Microsoft loves to tell us it loves Linux. There is the service of the platform and then you have the software as well, which will help you run your business effectively and host your content. Developers will be able to develop a single Azure function in the cloud, and have that distributed down to Internet of Thing connected devices in edge cases, including support for machine learning, AI, and cognitive services. DevOps, continuous delivery and containerisation. With the new Azure mobile app, you can manage your Azure cloud on the go.

And while price comparisons between Azure Database for MySQL/Postgres and Azure SQL DB may be made hard by their different premises, Kumar was very confident that Azure's MySQL/Postgres offerings will be price-competitive with those same databases on RDS.

"The future is a smart cloud", Nadella said, predicting that mobile devices will take back seats to digital assistants that follow people from device to device.

The cloud database can natively support a multitude of data models and query APIs, which is built on a novel database engine capable of ingesting sustained volumes of data and provides blazing-fast queries - without having to deal with schema or index management.

Microsoft also announced a limited preview of the Azure Database Migration Service.

Described by Microsoft as a database built from scratch to "power planet-scale cloud services" with both strong power and fault tolerance capabilities and the ability to handle all manner of data, including documents, graphs, and columnar, Cosmos DB has evolved out of DocumentDB, the NoSQL database service.

The Cosmos DB announcement is the big bang release from the first day of Microsoft Build, but the Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL might just be the one that has developers more interested. To create these five consistency levels, and build numerous capabilities within Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft integrated distributed systems and database research with world-class engineering rigor.

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella said Wednesday tech developers have a responsibility to prevent a dystopian "1984" future as the U.S. technology titan unveiled a fresh initiative to bring artificial intelligence into the mainstream.