Melissa McCarthy, Alec Baldwin return to 'SNL'


Holt was, naturally, interviewing President Trump (Alec Baldwin) on the topic of James Comey's dismissal, the reason for which Trump's Whitehouse has spent the past week attempting to explain away in an absolute clusterfuck of contradictions. After being asked by reporters repeatedly about if he was going to be fired, an increasingly agitated "Spicer" declared, "I got to find Trump". There's a fear that comedy will minimize the grave risks Trump poses to America - at least as seen by those who oppose him.

"I fired him because of Russian Federation". "Unless I have them every two weeks and I do them myself, we don't have them. Nothing matters? Absolutely nothing matters anymore", Che's Holt added, possibly referencing a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent depressing reaction to Comey's firing.

It didn't matter what she was yelling over the midtown Manhattan traffic - it was simply fun to see an Oscar-nominated actress dressed as the guy who coined the unfortunate term "Holocaust center". McCarthy's Spicer wasn't ready for the emotional implications of betrayal. We wonder if Kimberly Guilfoyle is doing the same dance while thinking about the job she's about to take from incumbent Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer is having a bad week, and it may only get worse. "I'm filling in for Sean today because as you know, Sean is fulfilling his duty in the naval service".

On "Saturday Night Live", however, the press corps pointed out Spicer could be seen just outside the briefing room, hiding in some bushes while he peered in. That's why I put him out.

"Spicey's back, Sarah's out!"

One reporter asked if Spicer was surprised to outlast fired FBI Director James Comey.

"I know we think this every week, but this week was insane", says Colin Jost, in kicking off Weekend Update. "Because he TOLD us so!"

He offered to give reporters the tracking number for the certified letter and after calling out the numbers said, "Wait, that's my bank routing number". "No one use it", she declared.

After a trip through New York City, McCarthy's Spicer found Trump, played by Baldwin, at a golf course in New Jersey, where "Saturday Night Live" presented a twist.

Trump reassures Spicer that he won't replace him with Sanders ("She doesn't have your special spice"), and the two exchanged a passionate embrace.

"He wouldn't do that", a tearful McCarthy said. "He's trying to blend in with his surroundings", she said.

McCarthy wished the audience and viewers a happy Mother's Day before putting on her honorary five-timers robe and giving Martin and Baldwin hugs.