Harry Styles looks to past icon on solo debut


Do you agree that Harry Style's "Two Ghost" is for Taylor Swift? Bonus points for bookending the album with two gorgeous, acoustic songs.

Fans took to social media to note that the red lipstick mention could be a nod to the blond beauty's signature makeup look.

Harry Styles is as known for his flamboyant style as he is his music and today, the singer is celebrating both. In fairness, Taylor Swift does fit that description, and we like the idea of Styles finally paying tribute to his romance with the heartbreaking superstar.

What do you think of Styles's style?

Harry was spotted writing the lyrics to the song Two Ghosts, and fans managed to even grasp some of the lyrics, which sound like he is describing Taylor.

The lyrics of the last song "From the Dining Table" talk about how he mostly wakes up alone in a hotel room.

He joined breakfast shows on BBC Radio 1 and 2 to speak about life as a solo artist so far, marking the occasion with a loud white and red chequered suit that Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw compared to tea towels.

When asked if events surrounding Brexit, Black Lives Matter and the presidency of Donald Trump had impacted his songwriting, Styles told the New York Times, "We're in a hard time, and I think we've been in many hard times before".

On stopping by Radio One this morning to chat to his long-time friend, DJ Nick Grimshaw, the singer was quickly forced to speak about ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

"I think it's about, sometimes things change and you can do all of the same things and sometimes it's just different, you know", Styles said.

Meanwhile, Harry Styles sent fans into a frenzy when one of his songs, "Kiwi", had lyrics that hinted he has a secret child.

"And I just think it's a little naive to just write off younger female fans, in particular, in the way people do".

Styles, who's now 23, was 18 in 2012. It's a huge leap from One Direction.

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