Fox Unveils New Trailer For 'The Gifted'


Now it's The Gifted.

Unlike Legion this show is supposed to tie much more into the greater X-Men cinematic universe, but don't expect any big names from there showing up in The Gifted.

Marvel isn't going to be satisfied until they own the world. The Gifted is the latest project from 20 Century Fox and Marvel Television and is a spin-off from the X-Men. Their dad Reed, however, works for a shadowy government agency that arrests mutants and places them in weird bags for storage. Real name Lorna Dane, Polaris is actually a child of Magneto's in the comics and shares his powers of magnetism, which we see a few times in this trailer as she moves cars around and stops bullets. Now, the full trailer has dropped. The show will follow two siblings as they discover their mutant powers, and the government agency out to stop them.

The catch is that their father, played by True Blood's Stephen Moyer, is a District Attorney with a reputation for putting mutants behind bars. With the help of an underground network, the children must now learn to control their powers.

As far as Marvel TV spinoffs go, this one seems to be just another Marvel TV show.

But for fans of the X-Men, there are a few things that jump out. And probably some tension on the horizon, as presumably Eclipse doesn't know Reed played a part in her capture. We also see a glimpse of Blink (Jamie Chung), a character we saw inX-Men: Days of Future Past who has the ability to teleport by creating wormholes. Though those threads have yet to be revealed. As I mentioned in the previous article, Bryan Singer will direct the pilot with Max Nix writing it. Et cetera. What sets this one apart, though, is the access to the X-Men universe, writer Matt Nix (Burn Notice), and frequent X-Men director Bryan Singer.