Former official says she warned White House about Flynn


Only after the news of his false statements broke publicly did he lose his job on February 13.

Yates' testimony came hours after several networks reported President Obama himself warned then-President-elect Donald Trump against hiring Flynn during their meeting November 10. I also thought it was inconsistent with the principles of the Department of Justice.

A White House spokesperson sent a lengthy email minutes after this article initially published online with a subject line of "evidence".

"It was a whole lot more than one White House official lying to another, " Yates said.

Flynn was interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the early days of the Trump administration about communications he had with Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the United States, during the transition period.

The February resignation followed media reports that Flynn had discussed USA -imposed sanctions on Russian Federation with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the presidential transition period, which was contrary to the public representations of the White House. She was running the Department of Justice before Jeff Sessions would be confirmed.

The AP interviewed multiple former USA officials, most of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss sensitive national security information.

Could he see the underlying evidence collected in Flynn's interview?

Republican senators in the hearing repeatedly pressed Yates on an unrelated matter - her refusal to defend the Trump administration's travel ban - and whether she was responsible for leaking classified information. We know now it was a serious mistake.

(Yates) "The Vice President and others were entitled to know that the information that they were conveying to the American people wasn't true".

McGahn called her the next day and asked her to return to the White House.

- Both Yates and Clapper denied ever knowingly leaking classified material to reporters.

Yates explained that any official publicly repeating the lie that Flynn had not discussed sanctions with Russian ambassador to the US, Sergey Kislyak, was increasing the chance Flynn would be blackmailed.

FBI Director James Comey testified in the House on March 20 that the agency was investigating potential links between Trump associates and Moscow's attempts to tilt the election.

Known as a tough and independent prosecutor, Yates has been a target of Trump's ire since her refusal in January to support his controversial immigration ban on nationals from several Muslim-majority nations - for which he fired her.

Ironically, Flynn wasn't fired until two weeks later, just hours after the Washington Post reported the Yates-McGahn meeting.

Flynn's forced resignation followed media reports that he had discussed US -imposed sanctions on Russian Federation with Ambassador Kislyak, which was contrary to the public representations of the Trump White House. He retroactively registered as a foreign lobbyist and failed to disclose Russian contacts, resurrecting questions about the administration's close ties to Russia.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican and chair of the Senate Judiciary crime and terrorism subcommittee, has been outspoken about Russia's interference in the 2016 election and called for a stronger US response than the sanctions now levied.

The dossier on then Presidential candidate Donald Trump that contained scandalous allegations of purported ties to Russian Federation could not be verified by the U.S. intelligence community, America's former intelligence chief said Monday.

Asked why Trump continues to defend Flynn after giving him the hook, Spicer said the retired lieutenant general served the USA honorably for more than 30 years and was asked for his resignation because he "misinformed" Pence, but beyond that he had an honorable career, served with distinction and Trump did "not want to smear a good man". Flynn served under Obama as defense intelligence chief before Obama dismissed him.

"Violation of 18 United States Code 1001?" His dubious assertions were so common that subordinates called them "Flynn facts". And two days after the election, he warned Trump against making Flynn his national security adviser, two former Obama administration officials said on Monday. Spicer said. "And if nothing, then why not if they really truly were concerned?" The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals then upheld the decision, which caused the Trump administration to redraft the order.

"In this particular instance, particularly where we were talking about a fundamental issue of religious freedom - not the interpretation of some arcane statute, but religious freedom - it was appropriate for us to look at the intent behind the President's actions", Yates said.

Peppered with questions on the matter during Tuesday's daily press briefing, Spicer downplayed Yates' warning as a mere "heads up". Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, who led the transition in the days after the election, wanted Flynn to be slotted as director of national intelligence, a Cabinet-level job but one with narrower responsibilities.