Callista Gingrich will soon be named ambassador to Vatican


Less than two weeks before a potentially tense and diplomatically delicate meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican, President Trump has apparently settled on nominating Callista Gingrich, the wife of Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker, as the United States ambassador to the Holy See, according to two people close to the president.

Callista Gingrich is expected to be President Donald Trump's nominee for USA ambassador to the Holy See, two US news outlets are reporting.

"White House briefings and press conferences provide substantive and symbolic opportunities for journalists to pose questions to officials at the highest levels of the US government", the statement from WHCA President Jeff Mason said.

The White House did not immediately respond to TPM's request for comment.

Callista Gingrich is the Trump administration's favorite to serve as the ambassador to The Vatican, CNN reported. Newt neither confirmed nor denied the nomination, saying they were told to "be very cautious" until an actual nomination was announced. She previously worked as a congressional aide in the House.

Callista being considered to be a nominee for ambassador was first made public in January, when Trump jokingly said he was intrigued by the idea of choosing Callista because it would also mean Newt could be out if his hair, as the president has a hot-and-cold relationship with the former house speaker. She's also a member of church choir at Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.

Gingrich, a devout Catholic who aided her husband's conversion to the faith in 2009, beat out former Pennsylvania GOP Sen.

Others criticized the choice online because she admitted to having an affair for years with Newt Gingrich while he was married to his second wife.