Bungie reveals spectacular new trailers for Destiny 2


When does the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal begin?

Immediately, its apparent the campaign has received a much needed story focused overhaul. Now, I'm not a PC gamer, and haven't played a first person shooter with these types of controls since probably Team Fortress.

The map, Midtown, is an abandoned part of the City which was invaded by the Red Legion invaded.

For the loot collectors, Lost Sectors allow you to explore cool dungeons and fight bosses to earn unbelievable treasures.

Today's early morning Destiny 2 reveal has shed light on in-game locations and the way we'll access them. That last one is a biggie. "But having a version of the game where you can sit on your couch in front of your TV, it feels totally different than playing at your desk".

Clans are combined with open matchmaking to allow everyone to play whatever they want.

A redesigned weapon slot system is meant to grant players more freedom and choice. Check it out in the player below, and view new images in the gallery! Instantly, the shooting looks even tighter. The Hunter, Warlock, and Titan classes return. Sentinel basically turns Titans into Captain America. To revive a teammate, you must use a revive token. Oh, it's just like going to the Cryptarch with a nice new engram. (But, hey, at least you get to fight alongside the Vanguard command at full power first.) Depowered and weaponless, you're the only one who can help rebuild humanity. For more than two-and-a-half decades that objective has led to the creation of some of the industry's most celebrated gaming franchises, including Marathon, Myth, Halo, and Destiny. These dungeons can be found throughout the worlds you explore and all contain bosses with keys and some fantastic loot for players to collect.

Guided Games - A new feature that brings solo players and clan communities together to play Destiny 2's most challenging activities including Raids, Trials and Nightfall Strikes.

A number of locations were also revealed in this morning's event: Earth, Saturn's moon Titan, Jupiter's moon Io and another planet called Nessus.

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