After Back-And-Forth, Ann Coulter Speech Is Off At UC Berkeley


"In effect, our free speech has been stifled because the university has decided not to assist us in making sure the event can occur successfully", he said as protesters shouted nearby.

On Wednesday, Troy Warden, president of the campus Republicans, said the Berkeley College Republicans do not want to endanger people's lives and because of the university's unwillingness to do their job they were forced to cancel the event.

Coulter, a 12-time New York Times bestselling author, was slated to speak on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley until the school cancelled the event, claiming they couldn't guarantee the security of Coulter or attendees.

Coulter, one America's best-known pundits on the political right, cast blame on conservative student organizers who withdrew their invitation following their dispute with university officials.

Civic Center Park in downtown Berkeley. Coulter also tweeted that she was sad about the cancellation.

Christian thought leader Ed Stetzer says he's no Coulter fan but agrees that Berkeley should have kept the door open. But Berkeley officials rejected those plans, saying they lacked a safe venue on campus to host the event on that date.

The biggest victim of Berkeley's failure to safeguard free speech is the principle of free speech itself-and, by extension, the students and professors who are most reliant on the principle.

UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks released a public statement that stressed the university's "commitment to free speech" and attributed the risk of mayhem and free speech challenges "to outside groups".

Supporters agree and announced they were planning a rally on Thursday to protest the silencing of their conservative views, CBS San Francisco reported.

"Ms. Coulter and speakers, regardless of their positions, are welcome on this campus - full stop", he said. He said the school remains committed to working with Berkeley College Republicans and other student organizations to bring speakers of all political backgrounds to campus.

'What I'm frustrated with right now is the GOP should change their motto to "Next time we'll fight, this next time, we'll show them how good we are"' Coulter said.

On Tuesday, the Young America's Foundation and the Berkeley College Republicans, which had organized the speech, sued university officials, accusing the public university of suppressing conservative speakers' rights to free speech.

"This is a University, not a battlefield", Dirks told the university community.

On Wednesday evening of his radio program, Conservative Review's editor-in-chief discussed the ever-increasing need to address the "left-wing militias" and "blackshirts [who] cover their faces like ISIS" in order to intimidate and suppress free speech in academia.

"Our campus will not tolerate acts of violence or the destruction of property in our community, and UCPD will dutifully investigate, arrest and prosecute anyone who commits crimes on our campus", he wrote.

Despite our client's repeated requests over the last six weeks that the University provide a securable venue for the Coulter speech, including through my own attempts to work with your team to accomplish this in multiple phone calls and conversations yesterday, the University has refused to secure a venue for the event - offering instead only media-ready platitudes and obfuscation, which are not substitute for compliance with the First Amendment.

"Our mission is basically to protect the university's mission, which is to have civil debate and present both sides of an issue and have things be done in a way that's civil", said the association's president, Randy Burba, police chief at Chapman.