Woman breaks into Drake's home, takes bottles of water and soda


Drake's Hidden Hills, California home was burglarized, but the thief was more into stealing non-alcoholic beverages than expensive jewelry and electronics.

On Thursday (April 6) at about 10:30 p.m., someone from Drake's camp reportedly found a 24-year-old woman in one of his bedrooms wearing one of his hoodies. She broke in for $10 worth of water and soda and left with a felony burglary charge. When authorities arrived, the unidentified woman alleged she had permission to be there but later came clean about breaking in.

Representatives for Drake have not released any information about the situation, which comes after Drake accused a country club called The Madison Club near Coachella of racial profiling in a since-deleted Instagram post.

To be fair, Drake once teamed up with Sprite, whose slogan is "Obey Your Thirst". It's still unclear how she even gained entry to the home or how long she was there before Drake's friend happened upon her. She also confessed to taking some of Drake's drinks including Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji Water. As TMZ states, it doesn't matter what you take; if you enter someone's spot illegally and take something, that's felony robbery.