Russian State TV Declares Trump 'More Impulsive' Than Kim Jong


Kiselyov went on to say that Trump was "more impulsive and unpredictable" than the North Korean and to say both men shared some of the same negative traits: "Limited worldwide experience, unpredictability, and a readiness to go to war".

"The world is a hair's breadth away from a real nuclear war with all its catastrophic consequences", Kiselyov warned his viewers.

According to Dmitry Kiselyov, the Kremlin's top TV mouthpiece, it isn't going to be the evil dictator Kim Jong-Un who could possibly bring about WW3.

Do you remember when George W. Bush declared North Korea part of the axis of evil and he said "The United States of America will not permit the world's most unsafe regimes to threaten us with the world's most destructive weapons".

"They've been talking with this gentleman for a long time", Trump said, apparently referencing former American presidents" negotiations with North Korea.

"He (Kim Jong-Un) is after all on his home territory".

"He said: "(Mr Trump) holds his cards close to the vest. "He doesn't plan to attack anyone just for the sake of it", said Kiselyov, who was a cheerleader for state TV's strong anti-American tone under the Obama administration and once said Moscow could turn the United States into radioactive ash. "The recent United States missile attack on Syria tells you well of it", said Kim.

The Kremlin, which has denied having a hand in Trump's election campaign, one that was markedly more pro-Russia than his rival's, drew a rare line at Kiselyov's analysis. A new survey from the Kremlin-backed pollster VTsIOM finds that 39 percent of Russians have an unfavorable view of Trump, up from only 7 percent in March.

"Donald Trump's aggressive behavior has resurrected distrust and ill-will towards America, something that has characterized Russian society for the last two decades", continued Fedorov.

"I hope things work out well, I hope there is going to be peace".

The network says the USA relationship with China and the president's immigration policy will also be discussed. But Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has emphasized that it would be both unwise - and illegal, under global law - for the United States to use unilateral force against Pyongyang.

"I don't want to telegraph what I'm doing or what I'm thinking", he tells Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends" in an interview to air Tuesday morning.