Protesters to take to streets to demand Trump release tax returns


Organizers said they stuck with the traditional April 15 Tax Day for the marches because as a Saturday it would draw more attendance, even though this year's income tax filing deadline was pushed back to Tuesday.

"Donald Trump absolutely needs to release his tax returns". His administration's excuse? "People don't care".

Marchers in Washington are expected to be joined by those in more than 100 other cities across the country and world, including New Orleans, San Antonio, Nashville and London, organizers say.

A number of rallies are anticipated to include large inflatable chickens that resemble the president, which the article explained "pairs with the protesters" argument that Trump is being a "chicken' about releasing his tax returns". Taub was inspired following her participation in the women's march in Boston the day after Trump's inauguration, and her interest in finance. We have a few simple demands: "we're demanding Donald Trump release his tax returns as all presidents for decades have done - especially because we don't know who pays Donald Trump, and we don't know who he is indebted to", said MoveOn Campaign Director Justin Krebs.

"I'm all about 'follow the money, '" Taub said.

The Hill, a D.C. -based political newspaper and website reports the marches will also be taking place in cities such as London and Tokyo.

Price said the march has a permit from the city.

President Trump has repeatedly said an Internal Revenue Service audit prevents him from releasing his records.

"Paying your taxes is an American thing to do", said Claudia Stroie, 49, a mechanical engineer from CT who attended the rally in NY. "That's what the tax marches across the country are all about - local constituents asking their own representatives to perform their constitutional duty to act as a check on an out-of-control President".

A protest earlier this year against US President Donald Trump's travel ban.

Sen. Chuck SchumerCharles SchumerSchumer: Tax reform gets harder if Trump doesn't release his returns How Gorsuch's confirmation shapes the next Supreme Court battle Trump's U-turn on Chinese currency stance a step in the right direction MORE (D-N.Y.) is warning that it will be more difficult to pass tax reform until President Trump releases his tax returns.

About 200 people gathered at a downtown Raleigh plaza to protest Trump's decision, as well as his performance in the White House.

"We need to see Trump's tax returns as a matter of transparency".

Retired teacher Mike Mannshardt of Pittsboro says he believes the documents may show that Trump is indebted and beholden to Russian or other unfriendly foreign interests.